With 2 GW installed inverters, Santerno has been a national leading company in PV conversion systems for 25 years. Santerno offers a wide range of solutions for any requirements: single-phase inverters for small-sized plants (up to 45 kW), 3-phase inverters for medium-sized plants ranging from 10 to 500 kW equipped with low-voltage string boxes and with low-voltage or medium-voltage connection, as well as integrated turnkey Sunway Stations for utility-scale plants, over 400 kW.

Thanks to its established know-how, Santerno defines and designs the inverter mechanical parts, software, control algorithms and power electronics. Products are designed as modular, customisable solutions, offering a wide range of integrable components. All Santerno solar inverters are designed and manufactured in compliance with the international grid codes for worldwide installation.

Created from the experience gained in the field of industrial automation applications, Santerno solar inverters ensure continuous performance for greater efficiency as well as easy maintenance. Product reliability is Santerno’s key to success, resulting from component dimensioning, quality of the standard components, quality assurance of design and manufacture all over the production chain, according to strict international standards.

A global, complete network of pre-sales and after-sales services for close assistance to our Clients. SunwayPortal, the innovative remote monitoring system, makes available updated information and data of the PV plants to our Clients, allowing checking the operating conditions and production efficiency of the plants at any time. The remote monitoring service also comes with an integrated service detecting string disconnection operating 24/7 and available from smartphone applications and 2.0 web services, as well as e-mail messaging and SMS messaging informing about plant malfunctions.