Over 5.0 GW inverters installed worldwide, 1.5 GW maintenance contracts to control and optimize the efficiency of the plants. Elettronica Santerno – part of Enertronica Group S.p.A – is the only industrial and profesional O&M operator able to have full understanding and control of the core of the plants.
Established as a company designing, manufacturing and installing conversion systems (inverters), with over 5.0 GW plants installed worldwide, Elettronica Santerno now controls over 1.5 GW plants (over 100MW plants featuring non-Santerno branded inverters) and, along with Enertronica Group, maintains over 300MW plants with Full O&M contracts.
The strong points of the Group are the following: (i) true industrial reality, (ii) deep knowledge of the working processes of the “core” of the plants; (iii) Italian company with offices in Bologna, Milan and Frosinone but internationally represented in 15 Countries worldwide; (iv) real-time servicing and guaranteed results; (v) Research & Development Dept. constantly learning to offer the most innovative solutions.

Santerno Customer Service and Full O&M are now based on a model of proactive maintenance: the traditional scheduled maintenance and on-call maintenance services have been replaced by a new maintenance model aiming at detecting potential issues beforehand and taking the corrective actions required to avoid reduced performance.

Thanks to the Control Room featuring advanced technology, its well-established monitoring system and its widespread presence, Santerno is able to monitor plants in real time and to provide immediate assistance to fix any problem that should arise.
Also, in-depth scheduled maintenance is ensured by constant and detailed inspections on all the plant components, spare parts that are always available, ready-to-use spare inverters in case of irreversible damages, professional technicians available 24/7.

All these activities are summed up in exhaustive and detailed maintenance reports, including comparative analysis, computation of performance and availability, list of the activities done (preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance, corrective and unscheduled maintenance), description of the state of the plants and HSE conditions.
Elettronica Santerno backs the plant owners in analysing innovative solutions for plant implementation, also via revamping policy, performance optimization and cost reduction.