Local data logging
Santerno logs data from devices and sensors of any kind connected via RS485 serial link, Ethernet and Wi-Fi as well as standard protocols such as Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU and MQTT. Monitoring is made easy by our devices: you just need to list the variables to log via an intuitive user interface available from the integrated web server. All data items are stored and exchanged with external systems for seamless integration into existing networks and control platforms

Secure connections
Our dataloggers, Bridge and Bridge Mini, are fully remotely configurable and viewable, thus ensuring optimum support and the quickest diagnosis. Data access and data transfer to Santerno Cloud is secure and reliable, thanks to the controls and encryption of the communications channels

Cloud Services for data analysis
Santerno develops and designs smart systems to get accurate, uninterrupted data flow from each plant. Modular data logging is provided to obtain custom solutions based on an exhaustive range of interactive components that can be easily integrated with each other. Data logged are organized in powerful dashboards for easy plotting and analysis of all operating indicators

Control Room
Santerno Control Room is connected 24/7 to directly monitor your plant in a proactive way. Our qualified team ensures attentive and prompt monitoring to maximize production and reduce downtime in case of faults. They coordinate all O&M activities and keep track of on-site servicing. A detailed report is sent to our Clients every month, stating performance and availability analysis, service log and scheduling for the coming months