AC/DC Power supplies
SINUS PENTA programming Keypad
SINUS PENTA Kit remote Keypad operation
Kit Any Bus Communicator
Kit for heatsink segregation
Sinusoidal filters
Regenerative interface
Braking module
Braking resistor
EMC filter
EMC ring filter

Santerno has been supporting its Clients for over 40 years in the field of Industrial Automation, offering a wide range of power electronic converters on the international market, including versatile, innovative and reliable products for the most popular applications, such as HVAC, water treatment, lifting systems and high power transport

Santerno products include soft starters, scalar drives and vector drives, DC motor drives and electric motors. High-performing and high-energy efficient solutions. Santerno pays close attention to eco-sustainability, offering products designed for regenerative applications, where the energy generated during the braking stage is re-injected into the supply line

The protection of the environment, for the sake of present and future generations, is indeed a key element of Santerno’s business value. This leads to strong commitment in developing the most enhanced technologies focussing on energy saving and higher efficiency, thus low environmental impact. The optimization of Santerno products specifications and their control modes ensure energy saving benefits as well as economic advantages to our Clients

Our international network of customer service representatives composed of reliable and capable partners ensures prompt responsiveness and quick solutions to critical situations that may arise in complex applications