The business environment in the oil and gas sector has changed with the decreasing of the operational margins. This means that production costs are being optimized to ensure healthy margins in order to secure the future development of the business.
The entire extraction and raw material processing chain is required to comply with the principles of sustainability. An objective carried out through numerous channels, which include the promotion of responsible consumption through the support of high technology products such as high performance frequency drives.

SANTERNO has an extensive experience and history on this industry with large worldwide references. Oil & Gas industry often pose complex challenges: harsh environments, plant has to operate around the clock, high and demanding service levels, preventive maintenance has to be extremely rapid to minimize down-times.
SANTERNO offers only robust and reliable products with both energy-efficient design and low power losses. They operate reliably over decades of use in harsh environments saving maintenance costs, ensuring better asset availability and providing you with the lowest cost of ownership.

SANTERNO products are designed to operate in harsh environments: wide operating temperature range without derating and conformal coating on control and power boards allow our product to be installed in a very harsh environment.
SANTERNO offers several solutions to drastically reduce harmonic distortion to the mains and also to ensure frequency drive and motor compatibility on long cable installations.
Oil & Gas sites are often in remote locations. Having the right equipment supported by a reliable supervision and control system is crucial to prevent or minimize down-times. SANTERNO offers a complete Remote Monitoring service that allows collecting and logging real-time measurements from the inverter-motor unit and the processing sensors.