The key to energy saving lies in systems control and management. To play a dramatic role in the energy consumption are the HVAC systems. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems regulate the heating and cooling units provide the highest levels of comfort in houses and buildings. The environmental conditions are controlled by several applications which all use AC drives: air handling units, pumping systems, cooling systems and heat recovery systems.

The load variations during the day in HVAC facilities are considerable. Variable speed control of electrical motors has proved to be one of the most effective cost-reducing measures available. By reducing the average speed of a motor in, for example, a pump or fan by 20%, energy savings of 50% can be achieved. Reducing the average speed by 50% increases the savings to 80%.
The wide range of standard digital and analog I/O and the high connectivity level of SANTERNO products ensure a perfect and cost efficient integration into HVAC systems.