SANTERNO offers a comprehensive package of solutions, products and services for the complete primary production chain. Stone crushers, conveyors, feeders, grinders, separators, kilns, fans, are typical applications for SANTERNO products in the cement industry.
SANTERNO systems and products represent highly qualified solutions for the cement industry, the competitiveness of which is linked to energy efficiency in production processes, environmental sustainability and to guarantee high quality of the finished product.

Consistent cement quality relies on process precision. SANTERNO frequency drives allows to reach the required accuracy in a simple end efficient way.  Some production phases involving the use of grinders and separators where an accurate speed control has a decisive bearing on the particles size, therefore on the quality of the produced material and also on the operational efficiency. The precise fan speed control, and thus the generated airflow, greatly contributes to the energy efficiency improvement of the plant.

The regenerative configuration available on SINUS PENTA frequency drives allows recovering the kinetic energy of the connected motor during the braking stage, and delivering energy to the mains (thus avoiding using braking resistors). In addition, the regenerative configuration drastically reduces the harmonic distortion to the mains (THDI below 5%).
SANTERNO ensures choosing the most suitable technologies and products, as well as their correct dimensioning. This leads to dramatic money savings and adds up to a significant enhancement in a plants’ economy over its lifecycle.