Production plants have become areas served by a high technological content systems designed to ensure the final product quality. The food industry encompasses all production activities, from initial harvesting all the way to distribution, implemented to process and preserve food products.The production plants thus become able to meet every requirement, from cleaning to wastewater management, from the control to the monitoring.

This helps to ensure a uniform level of quality and to adopt solutions to reduce the consumption of energy and water and for the maintenance of hygiene levels. This requires the use of corrosion resistant and coated materials.

SANTERNO can help you build the flexible, cost-effective production systems needed to manage your risks and gain the most from today’s trends.

SANTERNO is able to offer more flexible, reliable and technologically advanced solutions for this industry. Applications, such as mixers, grinders, cutters, injectors, tumblers, slicers, conveyors, pumps, mixers, centrifuges, agitators, decanters and separators, are all precisely and reliably controlled by SANTERNO frequency drives.