Energy efficiency, robustness, custom solutions and a whole range of accessories for the construction of reliable and performing systems: these are the strong points of SANTERNO products for water applications: transport and water distribution, irrigation, pumping stations, desalination plants, water treatment and recycling.
The SANTERNO variable speed drives when applied to pumping systems, monitors motor speed to promptly and effectively meet the system requirements. Mechanical wear and tear is reduced to a minimum.

The IRIS BLUE features a whole set of water-specific functions:
– Maximum energy efficiency
– No water hammers
– Less maintenance stops
– Full system control
– Multi-pump or multi-fan system controls: flow-rate modulation based on the actual demand, sharing working hours among the active pumps in the system

Moreover, SANTERNO has developed the SOLARDRIVE PLUS product, a dedicated drive for solar pumping. The perfect solution to reduce energy consumption. A product with dedicated software features able to drive pumps guaranteeing maximum efficiency and performance under any solar radiation conditions.
Finally, SANTERNO offers a specific Remote Monitoring service for Water applications: The new SANTERNO service collecting and logging real-time measurements from the inverter-motor unit and the hydraulic processing sensors. The logged data are available from through customer reserved access.