Enertronica, Italian company operating in the industry of renewables, energy saving, engineering and manufacturing of electro-mechanical systems, announced that two MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) have been signed for a total 200MW constructions and supply of inverters in Spain.
Although subject to the usual conditions prevailing in the market, the signed agreements are binding and will lead to final contracts to be concluded in the following months. All products shall be supplied and all services be provided in 2018.

Constructions shall be performed in BOS mode, for an equivalent Euro 14 million and shall not include at present any supply for mounting systems and PV modules. Product supply awarded to Elettronica Santerno, on the other hand, shall not be limited to photovoltaic inverters, but includes all digital control systems such as SCADA and Power Plant Controller.

Elettronica Santerno shall supply components for an equivalent Euro 10 million. This agreement is extremely important for the Enertronica Group, as it consolidates the order backlog for 2018 and it shall also involves services and O&M agreements for the following years.

Due to its size, the order is extremely relevant for Elettronica Santerno, setting the yardstick of the 2018 order backlog for its photovoltaic division one year in advance ahead of 2018 budget set in the business plan. The restructuring of Santerno is therefore completed: since Enertronica’s acquisition, at date, Santerno has obtained orders for a total 60MW in 2017 and for a total 200MW in 2018.

Vito Nardi, Enertronica SpA CEO noted:

“Thanks to a tremendous effort the Group is now achieving outstanding results. The job is not yet finished and we are still focused on the construction of a strong backlog supporting the targets set in our business plan. 2017 is far from over, and we still expect further acquisitions, but we are extremely delighted of such achievements proving that, although the market still poses tough challenges, out most ambitious targets are perfectly at reach”.