Elettronica Santerno S.p.A. has signed an important contract in the Smart Grid sector in Iran. The contract consists of the supply of an electric energy storage system installed in an important production site in Iran
The plant, fully designed by Elettronica Santerno, will be used to store the maximum peaks of power absorption while optimally controlling the electric consumption profile.

Elettronica Santerno has been on the Iranian market for some years now thanks to the products offered in the Industrial Automation sector. That contract relating to the energy storage system is particularly important as it points out the penetration capability of Santerno’s products and technical offer into a market that is expected to be crucial in the coming years. The countervalue of this contract amounts to about 500,000 Euros executed within 2017.

Vito Nardi, President and CEO of Elettronica Santerno, commented: “This contract is the evidence that Elettronica Santerno is a major player in technologically advanced sectors, such as Smart Grids and Energy Storage, thanks to a remarkably valuable R&D and Engineering Dept. Enertronica Group is extremely active in the Smart Grids sector and the latest acquisition of Elettronica Santerno will surely lead to important synergy in that market sector as well as in other different market sectors.”


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